Bringing Lander together through shared goals of carbon neutrality, climate change awareness, and community resiliency.


LCAN is a grassroots nonpartisan group of Lander citizens working to create a sustainable future for our local community.


To reduce carbon emissions in Lander through a commitment to renewable resources, community engagement, and economic viability.


To bring our community together through shared goals of carbon reduction and climate change awareness.

The 2021 Municipal Energy & Environment Report for the City of Lander has been released!

Shortly after the formation of the City of Lander’s Energy and Environment Task Force in 2020, the Lander Climate Action Network helped fund a contract position to complete the city’s first greenhouse gas inventory. That inventory is incorporated into this report along with insights and recommendations for how Lander can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also increasing energy efficiency and lowering operational costs.

Read the full report above.

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